Bandera Events

Bandera Events is a dynamic, full-service event production and creation company. Based in Muscat, Oman, Bandera Events is renowned for its delivery of superior quality and customer service in the luxury events industry. Bandera’s vision is to achieve continuous growth in the next few years, becoming the premier event company in Oman.

Bandera strives to innovate stylistically and technologically by expanding its social media presence and honing its graphic expertise. Executive Director Amina Al-Zadjali established Bandera Events in January 2013 in response to the lack of luxury service she perceived in the Omani events industry. The company has met with immediate success, hosting high-profile corporate events for clients such as BankMuscat, Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), Bank Sohar S.A.O.G, and the Oman Chamber of Commerce & Industry within its first year. View Website  

Times of Oman

Founded in 1974 as the first English language newspaper in the Sultanate, Times of Oman is widely read and distributed both locally and internationally. The paper contains synopses of major world events – commercial, political, social and athletic – with a particular emphasis on local and regional news coverage. Times of Oman is distinguished by its broad appeal to youth, local and expatriate readers alike, and by its thorough and ethical standards of reporting. View Website  

Al Shabiba Newspaper

Al Shabiba Newspaper was founded in 1991 to introduce a non-political weekly Arabic magazine to Omani youth. Achieving instant success, Al Shabiba soon expanded into a full-length Arabic-language daily newspaper. The publication covers education, fashion, culture, sports and all aspects of Arab life locally, regionally and internationally. Al Shabiba is a particular favourite among Omani youth, who comprise nearly 2/3 of the population in the Sultanate. View Website  


Based in the Sultanate of Oman, MediaOne has nearly two decades of experience designing and implementing media solutions for brands looking to update their marketing strategies. MediaOne prides itself on its expertise in strategic media planning services, spanning from print and radio to television and digital media. With communication becoming increasingly instantaneous, mediaOne provides clients with customized, up-to-date media research services, allowing them to understand media consumption from the specific perspective of their brand.View Website  


Oxygen is an Oman-based advertising agency with almost two decades of operational expertise in the Sultanate and Gulf region. Oxygen’s approach is to identify the unique appeal of each brand and make it evident at every point that the consumer comes into contact with the product. This includes the points of sale and distribution, the packaging design, and the advertising. Oxygen’s clients include BankMuscat, Ford, Oman Oil, Saud Bahwan Group, Volkswagen and Volvo, with partnerships lasting over eight years on average. View Website  

Muscat Printing Press House

With over thirty years of experience, Muscat Printing Press House provides printing services for the group’s existing publications as well as for diverse governmental and private clients. MPPH is renowned as one of Oman’s leading presses, offering state-of-the-art colour printing services for magazines, brochures, books and an array of other print media. View Website